Some of the folks coming to Hubris the last few days are clicking here from ads I’ve tried out on various other websites.

I’ve been wildly entertained by the analytics of the ads- the sheer number of visitors that established sites get, clicks per views from the ads, and… bounce rates.

Bounce rates are the number of people that click to the site and then, without doing anything else, exit.  And it’s the percentage of people that DON’T do that I’m writing about.  More specifically, it’s people that have kindly clicked here from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.  I’m telling you- You guys are something special amongst audiences.

Consistently and surprisingly low bounce rates, consistently high pages-per-visit  and  looong average-time-on-site add up to a readership that I’ll bet Zach Weiner (SMBC creator) is very proud of and grateful for.  You guys come here to READ.  I’m very pleased to have lured some of you here with my silly ad, and I hope you come back often.  The only people that beat SMBC readers for sheer pages-read come over from OGLAF.

There are other sources that stand out for other reasons-  Sinfest Readers are marvelously best at clicking new ads en masse, and of course Danielle Corsetto’s readers are LEGION. Her readership surpasses the number of people known to live on the planet just now.

As it is, my experiment with ads is about to go into the ‘Who’s bookmarked Hubris and will come back without the ads to click on’ phase.  So hopefully everyone who reads this will add Hubris to your favorites and wander back a few times a week to say, “Hey.”

You guys fascinate me.