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Under Armour Boxer Briefs

The man abuses outdoor gear, so you don’t have to


I’m particular about my drawers.  Not the drawers that you put your clothes in, but the drawers you put your stuff in.  I’ve tried cotton briefs, polypro briefs, wool briefs, cotton boxers, polyester boxers, cotton boxer briefs, polyester boxer briefs, polypro boxer briefs, silk boxers, and I’ve even tried going commando while doing my outdoor thing.  After many years, I settled on non-cotton, long boxer briefs for two reasons.  First, having wet cotton surrounding your squiggly bits for hours on end only leads to rashes and a seriously bad mood.  Second, long boxer briefs tend to ride up less than any other undies I’ve tried.  I don’t like the ride-up.  The ride-up is bad.

I’ve tried Ex Officio, Patagonia, and other off brands of poly boxer-briefs.  They were okay, but I didn’t get excited about them.  Then one day, I ordered a pair of Under Armour boxer briefs on a whim.  I now own four pairs and wear them almost exclusively.  They don’t ride up much and they are so slick on the outside that your pants or shorts slide over them instead of grabbing.  They’re stretchy so your twig and berries stay put without being compressed uncomfortably. They are great for skiing, ski-touring, climbing, cross-country, running, hiking, skateboarding, and any other thing that is active and requires pants.

I’ve been wearing the Under Armours for almost two years (not continuously… and I do wash them) and they’re still like new.


  • Slick on the outside, so your clothes don’t grab
  • Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Durable


  • They cost twice as much as a pack of Hanes from Target

Bottom Line:

If you spend time outside and you sweat, break out your wallet and give your squiggly bits a treat.