I (and Jay Schiller) got a cartoon in ‘Best Editorial Cartoons Of The Year 2012 edition’ (which has 2011 cartoons in it, so it can’t come out until the end of the year, but nobody’s going to buy a book that says 2011 NEXT year, ’cause it’ll look like last year’s cartoons, which this is, but…. sigh, you get the idea)

So, if you’re in a book store… remember those?  Big building, rows of bound paper thingies everywhere… yeah, those.  If you’re there, find one of these:

Then you have my permission to scribble ‘Greg Cravens- Page 145’ really big inside the cover and move it to the shelf marked ‘Autographed Books’.  And then buy the other copy they have.  Then, you can look on page 145 and see this cartoon:

You may think this is a spoiler… “Oh, I’ve done seen that cartoon now, I don’t need to buy that book no more.” Ah, but the book is filled with HUNDREDS of editorial cartoons on all manner of subjects and with a wide ranging catalog of art styles and political leanings.  My cartoon is just to whet your appetite.  Imagine having all those cartoons you can scan (leaving the cartoonist’s name and copyright IN PLACE) and share with one or two of your best friends over the Emails on the InterNets.  It’s the new version of what they had when I was a kid- when you’d go to the barber and there’d be bawdy cartoons that had been crudely lettered and quickly photocopied, handed around, and finally taped to the wall to collect a fur of dust.  Everyone would get a chuckle over it for years until it disintegrated.  The Internets Emails is like that!  Only the crude lettering and poor quality photocopying has been replaced by high-tech digital theft. And they don’t last years.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Internets can last years, what with all the Spammeners and Hackerers.  Speaking of which, I’ve been mugged in England/Budapest/Nigeria. Can you wire me $1,600 real quick?

Anyhow, the book is full of stuff you’ll want to show like-minded people you know.  And full of stuff that’ll anger you because of your politics.  It rolls both ways, giving equal time to open-eyed people like you and me, and also to that other gaggle of people- the ignorant self-deluded, brainwashed tools.

If you’re REALLY Internets-minded, you’ll want to avoid the non-digital bookstores altogether and virtually go to PELICAN PUBLISHING for your copy of the book.  I don’t think Pelican has embraced the Kindle and the NOOK, yet, but you never know.  Feel free to check out  their site. You’ll also discover that the PAST FORTY YEARS of ‘Best Editorial Cartoons Of The Year’ are still available.  Buy one on a friend’s/fambly member’s birth year.  Good gift.

And for anyone who trolls this site regularly, you’ll recall that I’ve put some MoreOnTV cartoons here before. Including the one that made the book. Look how interconnected the InterNets is.