Are you ready?  We’re entering into Election Year- The longest, most divisive, most insulting year we’ve all seen in our time.  Of course, we expect all our prospective overlords to behave in rational, adult, coherent ways…. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAAHHHAHAHAAA!  I’m sorry.  I can’t even WRITE that with a straight face.  The Ungoverned are going to %$#@ on us and tell us it’s raining, and they’ll be baffled when we don’t sing and dance for the rain.  The sorry SOBs are going to tell us that their own personal buddy God sent them to us, and they’ll merrily believe that we’re heathen that deserve hell when we don’t share in their delusions.

That said, I reckon I’ll kick aside this soap box and toss another Big World cartoon atcha.