I used to belong to the Bluff City Canoe Club.  Nice people.  I was more of a kayaker, though, so I went off with kayakers.  While I was a member, though, I did some cartoons for their newsletter.  This is pretty standard when you’re a cartoonist.  You join a group, you put your time and attention into the group, and eventually you use your one skill to add something to the group.  And to show them that you’re NOT just a poor paddler, but a fine, fine cartoonist.  Anyhow, here’s a twofer today!  The first cartoon was a random, “Here, you can use this in the newsletter if you want.  I’m thinking of drawing up a bunch of these and sending them to outdoors magazines.”  The second was a sort of ‘Odd Couple with Boats’ theme that came up.  I don’t know if there were ever any more than three or four of them drawn up.