I neglected to run this product review right after the campstove product review posted earlier.  I only mention this so you know that Jeff wasn’t sittin’ on the pot.  I was sitting on the pot, or at least on the review thereof.

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 MSR Titan Titanium Kettle


“Hey dude, try my pot…”

I bought the MSR Titan Titanium Kettle a few years ago.  They still make this pot and for a very good reason.  It is awesome.

It weighs 4.2 ounces (that was not a misprint), and holds .85 liters (a little less than a quart).  It has a tight fitting lid with a stand up grabber thingy.  It has flip out handles that are not too hot to touch with bare hands when simmering (full boil requires a bandana pot holder). It has a small pour spout, which is close to no-drip.  It is the right size for anything from a cup of tea to a few bags of instant oatmeal to a Ramen noodle package with egg and chicken thrown in.


Finally, this is not a big deal to most people, but you can fit the small Sierra cups inside with the lid closed.  You can fit the MSR fuel canisters inside them with the lid shut.  You can fit quite a lot of stuff in them with the lid shut… AND THE LID STAYS ON IN YOUR PACK.  Brilliant.  I love that little thing.



  • Light
  • Great size for one person or two minimalists
  • Tight lid
  • Good pour spout
  • Well designed handles



  • Not big enough for most two person meals
  • Costs more ($50 to $60) than a non-titanium pot


Bottom Line

If you’re boiling water on a mountaineering trip, get a bigger pot.  If you’re doing group meals with two or more people, get a bigger pot.  For anything else, this pot is awesome, dude.



Want one for your ownself? Shop ’em by clicking on the kettle below.
MSR Titan Titanium Tea Kettle