Here’s the computer file of the whole mural.  There are no electrical boxes and exit signs to interfere, although the I-beams on the roof are marked in for space.  And the access hatch that Lance’s torso fell across is marked in.  Still, this is pretty much what the whole thing looks like.  The impression you get while in the shop is different, because you can’t back up enough to get the mural to this scale in your line of vision (you’d find yourself in the back parking lot of the shop) In other words, you can’t actually see it at this size.  You have to turn your head and scan across to get the whole thing.  For scale, look at Lance’s bike.  That’s a 1=1 scale bike that the shop owns, won at a charity raffle.  Lance is full size.  That makes it a pretty neat thing for the store to have.  Because it’s behind and above you as you enter, there’s no “Whoa!” moment, at least not until you’ve been in the store and glance up at the colors.  The only big difference between this file and the wall itself is that I was asked to scale back the shop logos in the sky and the parking area on the right.  They’re not so obtrusive in the real version. Other differences are minor, decided on after seeing the thing on the wall.