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MSR Pocket Rocket

“What the #$@% happened to GAZ?????? I LOVE MY TRISTAR!!! I WANT GAZ!!!!”
After the salesperson at my local outdoor store recovered from my screaming, he pointed to the only two stoves they carry. The MSR Pocket Rocket is similar to my old Gaz Tristar with two significant differences. First, it is tiny, little, itsy bitsy, small, petite, and not big at all. Second, because of it’s three contact points, the pot platform is not as stable.

I admit I’ve only used this stove for about four meals and some drinking water boiling, but I love it. Did I mention that it’s tiny? And light? And really well made? And cute in a cool backpacker sort of way?

The little guy comes in a small prism shaped container (see photo) which is big enough for the little stove and a mini Bic lighter. If you are a purist and would rather stick a flint stick in there, you can kiss my Bic and put your flint stick in there for all I care. Lighters are awesome, cheap, and reliable – enough said.

The simmer function on this stove works well and the little three legs work fine if you have the base very level. The instructions say not to use a windscreen. That said, I think a windscreen is necessary with even a moderate breeze, but keep it well away from the assembly to avoid heating the canister and adjustment wire. Also, the boil ratings on this little dude are not the best but they are easily adequate for normal use.

• Tiny
• Light
• Well made
• Reasonably priced (around $50)
• Comes with a “hard” case for cramming in your pack
• Does not hold a big pot well
• You must have the fuel canister level
Bottom Line
If you’ve run out of Gaz fuel, or you need a little, light, reliable, three-season stove, put this little rocket in your pocket.

Wanna buy one? Click on the photo below. Cool.
Pocket Rocket Camping Stove