Kayote says-

What’s Your Pick for Whitewater Kayak?

When informed opinions are best, I’m not your guy. But sometime I know the guy.  In this case, I know Mike.  Mike has paddled more whitewater kayaks than I can name, more even than possibly he can name.  Not only that, he designed the Dagger Kayak logo- the one that looks like either a dagger or a boat doing an ender, depending on your mood at the precise moment of looking up at it and going “Ah… Dagger kayaks.”  He also designed a LOT of their boat logos.  He doesn’t paddle just Dagger boats, though.  Here he in in a Fluid:

Mike Womack in Lava rapid on the Colorado, Grand Canyon

I know what you’re saying.  “The fluid seems to be… water.”  Ha.  You’re frickin’ hilarious.  The boat he’s in is made by Fluid.  Anyhow, since he’s paddled many boats down many whitewater rivers, I asked him “Hey Mike.  What’s YOUR favorite boat.”  He said, “The Kingpin.”  I said, “Why’s that?”  and he said, “Very stable, yet very aggressive playboat.”  So there you go.  Mike doesn’t fool around with his advice, and he knows what he’s talking about.  And now you know what he’s talking about.  Good boat:  Dagger Kingpin.
Now we just have to wait for next year’s boats and see if the advice changes.