Just got back from traveling.  Here’s a shot from the waiting area in Seattle’s airport on New Year’s Day. Notice anything a little weird?

Not a huge crowd… check.  It’d show up in a few minutes.  Lotta people on cell phones… check.  Kid taking up two seats while others stand… check.  But that’s not what I was pointing out.  Some of you sharp characters got it right away.

For the rest of us, here it is a little closer…

Yes, that’s right!  Not only is the kid draped across two seats, but she’s mainly in the handicap priority seat.  Granted, there weren’t yet any prioritized handicapped people there yet- they would be wheeled up in a few minutes, but it’s also a fact that their arrival made no impact on the way she was sitting.  In fact, the only thing that made an impact on her was when the flight was called and her father told her to put the phone away.  She and her sister made noises at that point.  Not words, exactly, but noises.

Now, since I’m doing a comic strip like Hubris, I’m supposed to be all young-minded and/or anthropological about it.  You know, like I’m taking notes in reference for Paste’s behavior.  So, from that point of view, I’m all “Yeah, girl, don’t let nobody push you out of yo’ space!”  But I’m also an old guy, so I’m standing there, reading a People magazine over my wife’s shoulder, thinking, “How do I get a picture of this clueless kid in the act of cluelessness without getting arrested?”

Her father didn’t give a rip about how many or which seats she’d taken up.  I hope he doesn’t care that there’s a blurry phone shot of his kid being anti-Seattle Cool online.

Oh, and the two people on wheelchairs/crutches went straight to the boarding line and didn’t wait around for seats.  Not that they would’ve gotten any, but it made me relax when they didn’t seem to want any.