Well, it’s a bit late, yeah? But here’s today’s cartoon. Also, the Tip Jar has been tipped and we’ve got more than enough to buy you guys a couple extra cartoons in the next week or so. I hope I can find the timeā€¦ I’ve also been asked why it’s been so long since I started to get the Stanky Creek book together. Some of you may remember that I’m adding new material to the book that you won’t get anywhere else. That’s got me a little nervous. I’m laying out the pages and leaving spaces for cartoons featuring more readers. When the layouts are done, I’ll have to ask again who I left out, or mis-drew, or didn’t get into their proper games for the Stanky Creek Fest (Yes, CrazyAl, I remember you’re in the Pogo Stick competition.)

Yikes. I’m way behind.