It’s been a while since I flogged another old comic strip here in the ‘Other’ content below the Hubris.  So it’s time again for Bachelor & Sons!  I was teamed up with Matt Tolbert  (and his twin sons) to create a comic strip based on a newly single dad and his twin sons.  One kid is sportish, the other one bookish.  I did the best I could, and I assume that Matt’s twins (with him as the editor) did the best they could, but the syndicates weren’t biting.  Of course, it’s a shame for this stuff to just rot on my computer or on Matt’s, so it might as well rot on your computer, too.  Unless of course, you know of a nice site, web magazine or newspaper (or syndicate) who sees the value in such a thing, in which case we’ll happily resurrect it, I bet.