Last year, I worked the SouthEast Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society’s table at HerosCon in Charlotte NC. That was fun, but what I really wanted was to scope things out and see if I might not put the effort into turning Hubris into more of a full-time occupation.

Setting up a Hubris table at OutdoorFests and Comics Cons would be great. I still don’t know if I can do it, what with other projects that constantly crop up- it’s hard to plan ahead.

Like this weekend. I bought table space at MIDSOUTHCON. I figured it’s here in town and it’ll be fun and easy to dip a toe in the water. Alas, I picked up a freelance job with nightmarish deadlines.

So, I’m at MidSouthCon for the panels and demonstrations that they asked me to sit in on, and that’s great. And I’ll man my table for a few hours today.

So come on by, if you’re in the West Tennessee area, willya? It’s lots of fun, and the dealer room is intriguing as always (Goggles, anyone? Swords?) And there’s ALWAYS the costumes. Come see those. I’ll try to take some photos for you today.