Okay, so here’s the second part of the top of my morning webcomics reading list:

(QUICK REMINDER.  Hubris is kid friendly.  This list… not so much. I’ll be posting the kid-friendly lists soon.  You little guys and girls- these cartoons are just baffling and rude until after you’ve dated a few people and have decided on some important life choices.  Til then, enjoy Hubris. Ignore these for the moment.  You’ll be perfectly happy you did.  For grown-ups, this is a fun list.)

Not Invented Here • Barnes & Zugale  (this one used to have Southworth art.  I hate to admit that I let it drop down my reading list on account of the art, but I did.  Bad me.  Bad!  Good comic strip.)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal • Zach Weiner

Chainsaw Suit • Kris Straub

Hijinks Ensue • Joel Watson

Menage a 3 • Giz & Dave

This is sort of the breaking point between strips that update more frequently (three times or more a week) and those that are supposed to update less frequently… and those that update at crazy times or not at all, or I haven’t figured it out yet, or something.

SpaceTrawler • Chris Baldwin

The City • Derf

The Trenches • Kurtz, Krahulik, Holkins

Gutters • Sohmer and Guest Artists (once, it was ME!)

Two Guys and Guy • Rickard Jonasson

XKCD • Randall Munroe

That looks like plenty for today.  The list, like I said before is a LOT longer.  And the stuff at the bottom of it is stuff that I just started looking at.  Some of it will likely wind up in this tippy top list the next time I re-arrange my list.  I’ll post some of the other good stuff later.