Hey.  Sorry I’m so lazy about posting non-cartoon things on off days here at Hubris.  I used to do better, and need to shape up.

But here’s one I’ve been planning on doing for a while.  I got into a conversation with Hillary Price a while back about our respective morning reading lists.  I thought it’d be fun to post a whole series of ‘What Do YOU Read’ articles.  Of course, it’s easiest to start off with my list of things to read every morning.

Or, at least, ONE of my lists.

I have a GoComics list that shows up in an email every morning, or can be accessed by clicking ‘home’ when I go to my gocomics page.  We’ll come back to those cartoons- they’re mostly syndicated features that I’ve developed a taste for over the years, with a scattering of ‘hey, that’s cool’ thrown in.

But the crazy list is the stuff I’ve cobbled together, from the web.  It changes fairly often, but here’s the current very tippy top of the list.  There’s way too many to do all at once here.

Oh, and if you’re under… what is it, 16 or 18 or whatever, you need  a parent standing over your shoulder to tell you whether or not you can look at these sites.  I try to keep Hubris friendly to all audiences, and something that anyone can be proud to say that he or she reads, but let’s be real… There are a LOT of audiences for the various and sundry webcomics.  Some of these comics are for people who aren’t waiting around for Mom or Dad to make dinner for everyone.  I don’t care how growed-up you think you are, if you’re 12, you aren’t going to GET some of these cartoons, no matter how well they’re drawn and written.  You don’t have the tools yet, and you don’t want ’em.  Yet.   Look at Gil.  You’ll get that one.

Here we go:

Sinfest • Tatsuya Ishida

Scary Go Round • John Allison

Least I Could Do • Sohmer, DeSousa

Girls With Slingshots • Danielle Corsetto

PvP • Scott Kurtz (you’ll have to click on ‘comic’ to get to the comic.  Surprise!)

Evil, Inc. • Brad Guiger

Wapsi Square • Paul Taylor

Gil • Norm Feuti

Our Valued Customers • Mr. Tim Chamberlain

Scenes From  A MultiVerse • Jon Rosenberg

Reptillis Rex • William Tallman

That’s enough to be going on with, but not my list altogether- not by a long shot.  These are at the top of the long list because they update often enough and/or are exciting or interesting enough for me to put them near the top and leave them there.  Starslip Crisis is one that I wish was still on the list.  And  Not Invented Here is at the top of Part 2 of this list, and used to be higher up, but I move things around for wonky reasons.  There are others that would be here but only update once a week or so, and therefore are farther down the list.  You’ll see as I post updates.

If you like, peruse these a bit.  Tell ’em I sent ya, if you comment there.  I’ve met some of the creators and they’re good folks. I’d like Hubris to be as well respected as these.  Got to keep workin’!