Have you seen these Brute conversions to the modern Jeeps?  Ohhhhhh, man.

I’ve got to admit, I hadn’t heard about them until there was an ad through the Quadratec catalog emails I get.

I’ve got an old ’86 Jeep CJ, and I occasionally need to do things to it to keep it running.  It’s gotten to the point that the door handles are wearing out, and I’ve got to replace them now.  Erg.

Anyhow, the Quadratec catalogs are great, but not just for finding new parts for old Jeeps.  There’s also the new new crazy stuff for the new Jeeps.

And I had to click on this Brute thing. “I hadn’t heard that Jeep was making a pickup truck again” I thought.  And they’re NOT.  But you can convert your Jeep into such a thing, if you have that kind of time and money.

Ohhhh, I wish I had that kind of time and money.

Of course, you wouldn’t be seeing HALF as many Hubris cartoons here if I did.  I’d be off on the trails out West somewhere with a kayak and a bike stowed on my Brute.