Another popular one… slightly more snarky than the first.  This is more useful when someone riding a totally overbuilt/ridiculously aftermarketed bike asks the question, and then only when he or she is looking down his nose at you.  Remember to be nice to the folks that are being nice to you.  And to blast into atoms anyone who starts off by being a jerk.

It’s been said that the challenge of riding a unicycle is, for all practical purposes, no more difficult than the challenge of walking. It’s the same skill set- balance, fall forward while using your legs to constantly deflect the ground, stop, balance.

But then there’s these here unicycles. Now, there’s another skill set: Climb up to the top of a tall implement, defeat your fear of falling, fall forward a tiny, tiny bit, peddle like a maniac, wave your arms, don’t swear in front of the children. Totally different, see? Order one and find out. Click on the tall unicycle.

Uno High 20'' Unicycle