Say what you will about the younger generation.  ‘Cause you will.  Every older generation always has.

Since we wandered out of the caves and started constructing homes for ourselves that our kids took for granted, each generation has sworn that this newer one is far more spoiled and rotten than the one preceding.   And then the li’l bastards grow up, get jobs, learn how to behave, and dump all their invective onto their kids in the same fashion their parents did them.

Gen Xers now say that these darn Millennials are lazy and spoiled and want everything given to them.  Forgetting that before we were GenX, our generation was nicknamed “The Slacker Generation”.  I rarely talk to anyone who recalls that any more. (I was born in the first year of the GenX, so I remember farther back than some.  That’s what I blame it on.)

So, Kelly’s intern.  Yes, he’s lazy.  Yes, he’s inexperienced.  Yes, he’s going to ingest illegal smoke in the back of the truck tonight.  Yes, he’s … not the future of his generation.  But someone in his generation IS going to learn to think and plan and work… And those young people are our future!  Intern kid is just like that cousin of yours who didn’t quite ever get the hang of reality, but by golly, he might pay taxes or raise kids someday, so cut him the same slack you got.