Ever have a really big dust up, relationship-wise?  Lotta things that all sides think they say don’t reeeeaaally get said.

Of course, some of the things that do get said are stupid, but that’s a whole ‘nother cartoon.

And the spaces where nobody says anything?  That’s when your brain fills in all kinds of things you think you said, meant to say, or ought to say.

Now, what the OTHER people hear, or take away?  Who knows.

So let’s all assume we know what’s going on here, and let’s worry that we’re wrong.  Or right, depending.



Side note for you guys that read this far down the page:  “Light Of Other Days” is a neat book.  People discover the means of hearing how their past conversations really really sounded.  Please, please, don’t ever let people really develop that technology.  Yikes.  Of course, I suppose a constantly running digital recorder could do something like that, but it’s much cooler in a science fiction book.  Arthur C. Clarke rocks.