Okay, Ed, here you go.

For anyone who doesn’t read the comments under the cartoons, Ed suggested I send Hubris skydiving.  I’ve shied away from it so far because I haven’t been skydiving myself, and I don’t like to misrepresent how things should look or do superficial humor about a fun sport- anyone can do superficial gags about a subject.  I prefer to dig deeper.  The folks who read my family-based strip The Buckets might say I occasionally wander too deep and pass by the poor folks who haven’t raised kids themselves.

Long story only slightly shorter- This cartoon was probably sketched up in 2002 or 2003 as part of a package to show a particular editor how many directions the strip could go.  It sat sketched until now.  I think it may be shallow- meaning there may be a dozen similar cartoons done over the years, familiar to skydivers as the sort of cartoon that only skims the surface of their hobby without saying anything interesting.

I’ll let Ed say how well I did.  Ed- please forgive the fact that there’s no interior of the plane- I needed to isolate the characters’ feet visually, so I purposely didn’t clutter that area.  As for any research I did into the harness or the landing gear, the goggles or the jumpsuits… I have no memory of it, so I may have done none.  I dunno.

I figure next summer, I should skydive a time or two, then we’ll send Hubris up again.  Til then, if you have an interesting point to make about skydiving, let me know it- I’ll see if I can make a funny out of it.