Remember when digital cameras were pretty new? 4 Megapixels and the like. You’d push the button and it’d be a second before it’d take the photo. That’s fine for the family of twelve who are photographing themselves with MeeMaw’s new Nikon, blocking the view off the rim of the Grand Canyon. But you try to station someone at the bottom of a waterfall you’re about to kayak over. You wind up with a lot of photos of a waterfall, with an occasional blip of color at the bottom edge which may or may not be the very tippy bit of the stern of your boat. Same problem with bicycles, and that’s during the daytime. Nighttime? You’d better have read up or watched some YouTubes talking about how to make it work.

My wife’s something of a photographer now… she doesn’t do action shots. Quite the reverse. She sorta specialized in cemetery sculpture for the longest while. Not a lot of fast-twitch muscles involved in getting those shots.