First things first-  Welcome, everyone who used to see Hubris at GoComics.  You had, what… ten or a dozen new strips when you got over here that hadn’t run yet at GC? So, I hope that was nice.

Second- some of us that are used to seeing four new cartoons here a week (ever since GoComics picked it up. That’s when we went to four) may have been irritated at getting three new strips here last week, like it was another of those high-deadline-and-Greg-can’t-keep-up weeks.  But no!  Now the deal is that we’re back to a M-W-F type schedule here at, and patrons get four a week.  It’s only fair.  They’re horking up hard-earned shekels and bobs for some extra attention, so… there ya go.

Now, on with the show!


Kara’s acting competitive again.  I think everyone’s on the same page now.

Of course, Kara wouldn’t have won at paintball… she was faintly distracted.

But let’s discuss the really important thing…

Does Bob just move so deliberately and easily that he fades into the background, or does he actually dematerialize like a swami or a yogi or one of those enlightened masters?  If he’s manifesting himself at convenient places in the universe by will alone, that’s one thing. I don’t have time to become enlightened and he might as well just keep on keeping on.  If he’s just humming quietly and slipping off when he feels like it, well, that’s a pretty nice bit of stagecraft, and I’d like some notes on it.

How ’bout you?