Business-wise, I’m an idiot.

I don’t mention Patreon here enough, and I haven’t even updated the Patreon button over there on the left hand side of the screen.

The picture today is November in the calendar I sent out to the Patrons in 2021.  This year, I’m sending out ConCards packs (which started off, a long while back) as a card game based on the Great Stanky Creek Outdoorfest storyline, and grew legs.

So, in the name of business, and trying to keep the Hubris comic strip going, I present you today with a calendar image, and the news that, if you’re a Patron in one of the tiers that involves sending in your mailing address, you get ConCards for Christmas.

Aaaand I’m still trying to get the Hubris puppet animations done.  It’s trickier than I thought, and the guy who was helping me is now moving to Dallas to work for a huge corporation.

Whew.  I gotta get a life.