I imagine that there are people who enjoy discovering what cheap time slots Peter has his commercials in, just so they can be horrified at them.

There was a car repair place here years ago who ran their ads at, like, 4:30 a.m.  They were great.  They guy was all dressed up in a very fine suit, standing in front of a green screen talking as fast as he could so he could tell you as much as possible in 30 seconds.  Behind him were flashing scenes of cars in various states of disrepair.  What made the commercials funny is, in rapid-fire delivery, the guy said, “We specialize in foreign cars, we specialize in American cars, we specialize in body work, we specialize in painting,…” and on and on…  They specialized in everything they did.  By the end of it, even people who let language just flow over them with no thought woke up enough to go “Hang on, dude.  Maybe go look up the word “specialize””

Think of Peter Enis Wang doing that kind of commercial, along with wildly misinterpreting what his inventory might be, and you’ve got it.


Dang.  Now I’ve gotta make sure we see his commercials here.