And so winds down the first day of the Outdoorfest.

I had to throw in a little tip o’ the hat to Charles Schulz.  I am, categorize me any way you like, a cartoonist.  And I’m old enough to remember that I wanted to learn to read partly so I would know what Charlie Brown was saying.  After drawing three sets of ‘And then the rain started’ cartoons, it was time to wrap that up… but I couldn’t get Charlie Brown on his pitcher’s mound out of my head, so I put it on paper, sorta.  That usually gets it out of my head, anyhow.

Also, it’s 12-12-12.  Anybody care?  Has the world ended?  No?  Well, Australia would have called or something if things were going wrong.  It was 12-12-12 there yesterday.  Now we gotta wait out 12-21-12 and see if the New-Ager “Raise-Your-Vibrations” crowd gets their monumental Ascendance or Transcendence or whatever the %$#@ they’re expecting.  Can you tell if I expect they’re gonna get it?

Oh, and I’d like to point out that I have tried to skate on a wet ramp.  The rain WON’T hurt you.  The wet ramp, on the other hand, can snap a bone for you.

Pow. There you go.