Imagine having a job where you just think of insanely weird things to do and then put them on the internet to see what happens next.

Paste seems to think that’s his job.  He’s probably right.

He thinks, “I bet a lot of people are taking video at the finish line.  What if I were to ride past them naked?  Would I get a lot of views?  Let’s find out!”  Aaaaand he lets people pass him in the race while he ditches his britches.  The race standings?  Bah!  How many people are gonna click on a video of a filthy guy running through the finish line?  A thousand?  Three thousand?  Fine.  How many are going to click on, view, re-view, and then re-post a video of a little lunatic pedaling bare in a crowd of startled racers?  Hmmm.  Not good enough.  Better do a war cry, pedal no-handed, and make either gang signs, rude gestures, or a self-deprecating hand sign while being video’d.  Yeah.  Better.

Too bad the Sharpie Tattoos wore off a while back.