I have an issue with Flax.

When I was first doing The Buckets cartoons, I worked hard at trying to write ones that my mentor would approve and use.  (writing was not my job, but this was an opportunity to learn and benefit, so…)

I wrote a few gags about adult cereals (as opposed to any cereals with colors, cartoon mascots, or flavor.) and sometimes populated backgrounds with the parents in the comic eating breakfast.  When considering what to lampoon with my cereal boxes, I chose to think up a grain that was not cultivated primarily for human consumption, and the inedible parts of domestic grain.  I made up ‘Flax & Chaff’ cereal.  My mentor Scott found it amusing, and I stuck with it- proud to have invented a cereal that no self-respecting human would eat.

And then, of course, they started making cereal out of Flax.  You can go buy it now.  I wouldn’t.  In fact, I WON’T, because it’s not food, and I thought of it first anyway.

Flax and Fruit, though.  Whew.  That’ll clear some pipes.