Happy 10th Anniversary, folks!

Hubriscomics.com has now been a thing for ten whole years.  How ’bout that.

Pat yourselves on the back if you’re pleased with that, ’cause it’s because of you anyhow.

Guess it’s time to wrap up the 2nd OutdoorFest and start assembling the Big Fat Book Of Ten Years Of Hubris.


If you’d like to celebrate with us, please become a Patron at Patreon (there’s a button on the left over there someplace)  If you patronize at one of the levels where you have to put your mailing address in, you’ll be receiving a deck of these Hubris Con Cards I’m finally wrapping up.  Damn things have been re-designed I dunno how many times now, but the final versions are done.  The game works better than I could have ever hoped, and I’ll be doing a Kickstarter to get them into more people’s hands- but you mugs get ’em no matter who else does.


Thanks, Team Hubris!  Whattaya think?  Shoot for another ten years?