Okay, I started out with quite a bit of space between the new cartoons on Patreon and the cartoons that run here.

And I blew that up.

Lots of clients with end-of-year budgets to burn, and loose ends to tie up on long-term projects.  Also, I made a Hubris 2022 Calendar to send out to the Patreons, and that ate up some time.

Anyhow, that explains the spotty posting here, and I’m worried it’s not gonna get much better, since there’s only two more cartoons after this one that’s already been posted on Patreon.  (two? one?  I can’t recall right now, all I know is that I’ve gotten way behind)

So my apologies again, and I’ll see about maybe posting low-resolution images from the calendar for you guys and you can use ’em for, I dunno, screen savers.  Yeah, that’d be fun.

I’ll get caught up at Patreon and get back to a better schedule.  Gotta get a look at what’s happening to Hubris, after all…