Merry Christmas (Or Hanukah, Or Kwanzaa, Or Solstice, Or Tax Year, Or Saturnalia, Or Agnostica, Festivus, or New Year, or whatever makes you and your family happy. ┬áIt ain’t up to me to be anything but neighborly. I’ happy when you’re happy, and I don’t wanna set fire to anything in your lawn.)


That said…

You can tell that Mal has never done a boot camp style workout.

The deferential love that creeps into the voice of one whose life has been altered, if not saved, by a boot camp style workout, is missing from the (I picture) grating, nasal tones of Mal’s voice when he talks about Lowell joining in on a morning exercise regimen.


Also, Mal’s kind of a underfed li’l creep, so… y’know.