I don’t think I’d trust the Cassowary to be intimidated by a net.  Or a paintball gun. Or anything, really.  Outraged and Baffled, maybe, but not intimidated.

It’s like in those movies where the alien, or the prehistoric shark, or the giant ape or whatever it is they’ve got is on the ‘other side’ of the thing meant to keep them safe.  That’s just an overused signal that you’re supposed to feel anxious ’cause at least one of the people standing in the ‘safe’ area is about to get it in the neck when the Boogen breaks free.  When you’re watching those movies, you’re thinking ‘Run!’ and NO ONE’S DOING IT.

I refuse.  I will not subject you to that.  I’ll take the Three Stooges Route, though.  Everyone run.  ‘Cause that *&^%s funny.