We grow up in the U.S. being fed the HOLLYWOOD myth.  If you enjoy singing, playing sports, creating music, writing stories, designing games, drawing cartoons, or pretending while in costume, you’re told that someday someone will ‘discover’ you and make you rich and famous.  Now, if you say it out the way I just did, it sounds crazy- for a lot of different reasons, too- but a lot of people live with that neat little dream in their heads.  I know I do.  Anyhow, the people that really tick me off are the ones who expect the fame and fortune that are the rights of the diligent cartoonists, but don’t actually DO anything like sing, play music, write, draw, play sports or act.  I’ve met ’em, you’ve met ’em.  And therefore I give you:  Paste, the kid with half a dream.