Hey!  I’m back.

I’ve already sent out some photos to the Patreon Patrons of Hubris, but here’s some more:


That one’s a color-enhanced photo of an eroded rockface.  “color-enhanced”, in this case, is not the cool NASA kind where they combine visible light, X-ray, Infrared, and other kinds of photos into one super clear shot of a nebula a gazillion miles away.  No, this was me sliding the saturation control over a half-inch til the colors reminded me of what we were seeing.  This one wound up looking like a baked good gone very wrong on a damp shelf.  It’s really a couple of feet of exposed rock in the middle of an otherwise pretty smooth boulder.  The boulder was house-sized, and there were a couple of places like this were it looked as if a pocket of gasses or imperfections in the stone were knocked open.  Pretty fun.



And here’s me, headed into the vast unknown.  Not so vast that they didn’t build a footbridge into it, mind you, but I wasn’t coming back out that day nor the next, so it was plenty vast for me.

And this is the lookout just down from our campsite.  This spot is pretty nice for sipping scotch while the sun goes down… except for the fact that, after the world around you becomes pitch black, you become very aware of how easy it is to become one of those stories people tell around campfires.  You know those stories. They end with things like “And he took that one… last… step.”