So, on Sunday morning, Mark Simon and I went for a little skating.  Old guys, and each of us had a new board to play with- He because his son newly works at a skate shop. Me because I bought up some parts years ago with a neat idea for a really nice custom build… that I finally just slapped together and rode.  Here’s a photo of me about to lose the board to my hind side as I had to R-U-N-N-O-F-T to the fore:


And here’s me and Bill Morrison (The Simpsons, Bongo Comics) you’ll have to guess which of us is which, the disguises are so utterly complete.


And here’s a photo of one corner of a room that had been filled with books and goodies to be put in bags for the St Jude kids.  All the stuff eventually made it into bags somehow… Thanks to my kids, Lonnie Easterling and his kids, Dave Garst, and Dr. Aaron Shafer and his kids.


Did you know there’s a Hirschfeld caricature of Danny Thomas at St Jude?  There is.  It’s waaaaaay up on the wall so that cartoonists can’t grab it and hide it in their stuff.


Three Gregs.  Greg Walker (Beetle Bailey) Greg Evans (Luann) and that guy.


And there’s Mark Simon doing a nice turn at the top of that rise.  His new build had really nice bearings and really soft wheels.  Soundless, around the park.  Unnerving, you might call it.