I won’t pretend to know how this works, but today’s the first day of the month, and you guys have voted Hubris up at TopWebComics til we’re #86 when I post this.  Typically, Hubris runs to the second page, maybe ’round the #135 mark or so, I think.

I did notice, in approving comments when I returned from the Kenosha Cartooning Fest, that there’s a new reader exhorting us all to vote regularly and bump Hubris up to higher numbers.  It’s been a while since I did the same, but as we seemed to have a jump on this month already, I thought I’d spell it all out.

TopWebComics is basically a HUGE list of webcomics.  You can, if your comic is on their list, put a ‘vote’ button on your site- like this one:


And then readers can vote once a day on their phone, computer, pad, and/or whatever you got that links to the in’ernets.  The more votes, the higher the ranking that minute, and hopefully the more likely that someone looking for something new to read sees that webcomic and then there are MORE readers to see the comic and vote, and the cycle escalates.  The logical end of which is that the planet is eventually re-named HubrisWorld, and we all travel by skateboards and bicycles. And I can afford to build a garage to keep the Pecan tree goop off my jeep.  That’s what world domination would mean to me, really.

So, if you have a second you don’t mind using this way, click on that ‘vote Hubris’ button over there on the right once or twice a day obsessively for the rest of October, and welcome a flood of like-minded cartoon readers who will join you here to thrill at the exploits of Paste, Bob, and Lowell.  And Hubris.