KleefeldOnComicsHeaderSean Kleefeld has been in the Hubris strip… and he has a blog. It’s about cartooning!

(He’s not the only one, of course.  TSOJ makes an appearance or two or more in the strip and he has a blog.)

Sean’s blog mentions me in passing this week.  So you can CLICK HERE and go read it, and then, if you can rise to his cartoonin’ trivia challenge, leave him an answer in the comment section.



…And as for TSOJ’s blog… it’s all filled with Japanese stuff, and only some of it has cartoony aspects.  I’m not saying that’s a downside- it’s just… y’know… MORE cartoony stuff is goodly.

Maybe he could start translating Hubris into Japanese for his blog!  Yeah!!  Hey, TSOJ!  Manga Hubris!