Hubris- Grandma, what outdated kayaks you have…

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  1. TSOJ

    Well, genetics is no guarantee of resemblance. It’s quite possible that Granny Lowell is quite the rock climber, with hips and knees of titanium… Maybe she COULD use the junk in the attic.

    • KNO3

      To build an extreme armored recreation vehicle?

    • Anonymouse

      Just see the animation movie Hoodwinked to see how Extreme grannies can be :)

  2. FeelinForYa

    Hey, so she decided to retire then go out there and LIVE a life and she might think the stuff is perfect… she’ll do X once and move on. Or thank her grandson and indeed, sag the rafters in the attic…

    • KNO3

      Or granny might be an artist…

  3. kstormgemini

    Whether or not it’s Granny’s “birthday” doesn’t matter. If I know grannies, especially grannies who might have had a hand in raising ol’ Lowell there…
    The odds get even that she’s using all that outdated “junk” to make mucho bucks in a yard/garage sale. If the price is right, Lowell wouldn’t be the Only rube out there paying for stuff that’s outdated.
    Though honestly? Some of us rubes can’t afford brand new state-of-the-rat stuff and any canoes is good canoes.
    Cripes, when I was a kid, we used to take the old inner tubes from my granddad’s tires to go down the river with.
    ~He had to get new ones anyways. XP;~

    • TSOJ

      Nah, I’m thinking that Lowell is making up another story, and all the stuff is still in his garage.

  4. demoncat_4

    not really for thinking that Lowel giving it to his grandmother is just another excuse when he has that stuff still as part of his secret shrine to Hubris hidden some where in his house.

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