Hubris- Live while you live

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  1. FeelinForYa


    Gotta love it!

    Despite himself Mr. S-C might have a good time after all….

  2. TSOJ

    And now, we get the irony.

  3. Dave

    These four panels are why I read comics.
    Not just funny, not just art, not just an interesting idea.
    Rather a synthesis that strikes your soul and changes your outlook.

    • Greg Cravens

      Thanks! Comments like that make my day… and make staying up late last night to finish this cartoon more than worthwhile.

  4. Thisfox

    And now… He’s ready to fall out of the boat.

  5. AllanVS

    Uh Hubris? I need new briefs please.

  6. Bryant

    This is why it’s my favorite! Motivation!!!

  7. Junqstuff

    Reminded of my first trip in a 4 man Avon down the Grand Canyon. No amount of white water could clean the smile off my face!

    • Greg Cravens

      Excellent! How’d you do at Lava? The only place I swam out of my kayak was Granite. There was no excuse.

      • Junqstuff

        Mid 1970s, we were novices led by a veteren. Put in at Diamond w/ new dam realease a day behind us. Two newbies in a 4 man, all small rapids were magnified. Absolute blast. Lower Granite only . 3 day trips w/ hikes.

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