Hubris-The Usual Irony

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  1. TSOJ

    That’s why it’s better to limit these kinds of activities to a canoe.

    Sharing love should be between just two people at a time.

  2. Crazeyal Dah Debil
    Crazeyal Dah Debil

    Is it disturbing to ANYONE ELSE that the person with the empathy in this scene is PASTE?!?!?

    • KNO3


  3. Uninick

    I’m scared too :|

  4. FeelinForYa

    Hey, I think both reasons are very legit…. and. Where is Paste really empathizing? He just asked a question and Hubris gave him an honest answer.

  5. demoncat_4

    and a third reason. leaving the store in the hands of paste and bob

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