Hubris- Playing Your Own Game

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  1. TSOJ

    Move over, Calvin, it’s time for a little Hubris-ball!

    • KNO3

      It’s Hubris Presentation. Adult Calvinball.

      I wonder if Hubris is related to Calvin?

  2. FeelinForYa

    D**N!!!!!!! Gotta Love IT! Even I’d hock my old Yugo to invest in that one! Hope someone got that and posted it to youtube!

    • FeelinForYa

      I did have to look twice, I thought that was Bob, at first glance. But no, it’d be Hubris with the unicycle and THAT pair of shorts…

      • GregCravens

        Ah, yes… The sand-colored cargo shorts. I have several myself, and now that it’s been pointed out, I can’t recall if I started buying them before or after I started drawing Hubris. Whichever, I have some Mountain Hardware shorts that have outlasted many others of the kind.

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