Hubris- Getting Less Whelmed

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  1. FeelinForYa

    Another page for my Hubris Coloring Book! Awesome!

  2. KNO3

    Dump the presentation on Bob…

  3. wnp

    What happened to the strip where Paste dares him to call Mom. Guess this is about the same.

  4. TSOJ

    Hubris gives a B&W presentation to Paste. Not a wise way to topple Ted Turner…

  5. cousar

    Hubris Unplugged!

  6. Yat In Exile
    Yat In Exile

    B&W is OK. Nothing wrong with a little retro now & then…

  7. AllanVS

    *Taps my monitor* Did this just turn into a newspaper? :P

    • FeelinForYa

      Can you wrap a fish in it or use it to papertrain your puppy? If the answer is ‘not really’, no it didn’t turn into newsprint.

  8. PWhitney

    I think it looks good.

    • KNO3

      I know, yeah. Weird.

      • GregCravens

        I had a really talented comic book penciller tell me at a convention last year that the color distracts from my linework. I thought that sounded odd at the time, but when I got home, I looked at b&w and color side by side. I kinda get it.

        • FeelinForYa

          And this is the wussout for NOT giving us true-tint Hubris? (heh, yeah, we never give you enough slack, Greg…)

          I do think it has an arty feel to it…

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