Hubris- Straining Containment

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  1. FeelinForYa

    Kelly should send the GIB (GuyInBlack) to go erase Paste and Bob. Bob is probably the way he is from having been wiped too many times….

    Next from Whitewater Bigfoot Ghost Hunters; where we meet GIB Meets BIGFOOT! hehehe

    • wnp

      Well, either that or he get´s a big foot …

  2. TSOJ

    Kelly, quick, your webcam! This gets on youtube, you’re a guaranteed millionaire!

  3. Yat In Exile
    Yat In Exile

    Tapes? It looks like somebody erased his memory.

  4. kstormgemini

    Oh gawd, please no. This is a fun strip about sporting dudes having fun. Let’s not spoil it with b.s. conspiracy theories that were old when X-Files pull them out of the moth balls. The only “big brother” is a badly done reality show that should never have been and the “mib” was a half decent movie that should have stopped at one.
    Also if we could keep this based on earth and not have some half assed space saga arc, that would be great too.
    Not saying you don’t do great work but I’ve seen too many comics decide to phone it in with those tired pieces of schtick and drag a perfectly fun enjoyable toon into the toilet. Kirk’s dead and so’s Pike’s alien dancer chick. Let’s let the poor things rest in peace.
    [steps away from podium and wanders off to find a milk shake]

    • Greg Cravens

      Don’t worry. I’ve lamented the loss of some webcomics I liked to the “woo” crowd. I’m not about to do that to Hubris. But I also like ‘Team Wukilar”, and I’ll revisit them every so often- so I can poke ‘em with a pointed stick.

      • TSOJ

        Greg, it’s your strip (obviously), do what you want with it. People stop reading for a wide variety of reasons, and new people take their place. The best way to kill a strip is by trying to satisfy existing readers. Personally, I’d love to see what you can do with the Wukilars.

  5. PWhitney

    I am curious to see where this round of strips leads us…

  6. KNO3

    Seriously he wants tapes on whitewater bigfoot ghost hunters?

    Nineteen ninety nine plus shipping and handling please.

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