Hubris- Where About Bob?

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  1. FeelinForYa

    That’s right, Hubris’ house is cast concrete, shouldn’t have been that hard to undo Paste’s bad attempt at fingerpaint there.

    ‘Bout time they figured out where Bob lives. Like bats in the belfry, maybe he’s in the attic or raftercrawl?

    Still betting he’s under the couch or more likely, Paste’s bed.

  2. TSOJ

    The whim took him. Probably somewhere now where no one’s so uptight. Like Jersey.

  3. toothandclaw

    Sometimes, I really, REALLY envy Bob’s life…

  4. Tom S
    Tom S

    Doing a Snoopy impression on the roof . . . or in the back yard under the tree in a hammock . . . or something . . . either way, “The dude abides.”

  5. KNO3

    Paste’s color is good. I don’t see shakes. Thinkin’ he had a 15% blood loss.

    • FeelinForYa

      How the heck did they get the blood so completely out of Paste’s clothes? A few drops if I get right on it maybe but he had it everywhere. Unless he changed…. and he’d gotten the curtains too… hm.

      • KNO3

        Kara is a vampire!

        • KNO3

          Or have blood resistant clothing and drapes…

  6. Bamacracker

    As a doctor, Kara would know that Hydrogen Peroxide will get blood out of almost anything. AND it lightens the color of your hair.

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