Hubris- Hubs and Blisses

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  1. FeelinForYa

    “It’s just a Fantasy, It’s not the Real Thing…” Poor Hubris.

    Why in Hades is one of Paste’s shoes clogging the toilet? Don’t they own a plunger to unclog a toilet instead of sticking a foot in it and losing a shoe… or did Paste try to wash his shoe in the Great White Porcelain Whirlpool?

    C’mon Greg, this is more than ‘stay tuned’

    • TSOJ

      Look at Paste’s shirt. It explains everything.

  2. TSOJ

    Kara: “No, really, don’t compare yourself to them. You’ll get a headache, and I left my aspirin at the hospital.”

  3. KNO3

    Well, at least they are not yelling run for it… yet.

  4. PWhitney

    The fun never stops at the Outdoor Galore Store!

  5. AllanVS

    Muhammad Damn it, that was funny!

  6. Tom S
    Tom S

    Paste and Bob are free spirits, and you need someone who isn’t a free spirit to properly work a toilet and run a store. Some of your employees can be free spirits though. Just not you.

    • FeelinForYa

      The person who knows where the plunger is and can deal with high water marks on the bathroom wall should never be fired.

  7. sighthndman

    I learned early in my career that if you have an indispensable employee, you should fire them before they do any more damage. I now learn, from reading Hubris, that it’s possible to have an indispensable employee because he’s the only one with any sense of responsibility. (At least in the cartoon world.)

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