Hubris- Commute dispute

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  1. FeelinForYa

    Not great for business if someone left because he didn’t open on time, but GREAT feeling to have a commute like that!

  2. TSOJ

    No one is late if they come into work with the boss.
    I used to teach equipment programming classes to customers in a 1-week course, and we’d take 1-hour breaks to go to a nearby restaurant for lunch. I always told the students that we couldn’t get started if I wasn’t back in the classroom yet, so it didn’t matter how early everyone else returned from lunch.

    • FeelinForYa

      The boss is not late but you sure can be if you walked in, with them. This actually was how I got out of trouble once, I usually worked second shift and left with two people at the same time, next morning I had to do a first shift cover and walked in ON time behind the boss, so I was NOT the one that put the bottle of Midol on her desk blotter. (yes her menopause was ‘rugged’) That was one I did *NOT* do there.


    Never actually passed work on the way there, but been tempted many times to pedal on by.

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