Extra points if you remember what sitcom “Son, Tippy was a Spud” came from.


So, Lonnie Easterling does this webcomic called ‘Spud Comics’.  It’s on his site with some fun Blog entries.


(Now you have to think about whether you’re a comics-only reader or if you take the time to look at the blog material, too.  If you’re reading this, you’re at least a partial blog reader, or you wouldn’t be this far down the page, now, wouldya?)

Lonnie’s one of the troopers of the webcomics world.  He’s a husband, father and hard worker who comes home from a long hard day, helps the kids with their homework, spends some quality time with his understanding wife, then disappears into whatever corner it is that webcartoonists disappear into until late at night.

I dunno about Lonnie, but one of the things I miss most since I committed to making sure you guys get your Hubris three times a week is going to bed at the same time as my wife.

So, slip on over to Spudcomics.com and read some cartoons, click some links and enjoy.  And if you need it, his link is now down the left hand side of the page with some other fine, fine reading materials…