Hubris- Voces Del Robot

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  1. TSOJ

    Meanwhile, over at Sportsmart:
    Lowell: “Was that the phone?”
    Paste: “It’s nothing. Just a marketer for car insurance.”
    Lowell: “Well, get back here. My orc is just about to smash your elf with my +5 club.”

  2. AllanVS

    Uh . . . isn’t today Tuesday? Since when do you post comics on Tuesday?

    • GregCravens

      since I hit the ‘post’ button instead of the ‘schedule’ button.

      • AllanVS

        Greg … “Post” is half the length of “Schedule” … how can you mistake them for each other?
        That’s like mistaking a “little person” with black hair, for a tall, leggy blond!!!

  3. FeelinForYa

    He’s messing with us, allan.

    The phonedrone answering means Lowell/Joel is still hunting for those last three balloons (he’s putting up posters of a lonely looking orange balloon with ‘have you seen me’ and a reward) and Paste is feet up on the desk and goofing off while the boss is out…

    • FeelinForYa

      Lowpoint… though Bob looks like he’s in my predicament. I was going to grow for Movember so I let it all go for a few weeks to see what I’d truly get. Darned impressive for female, pathetic unless you’re a 13 year old boy. One side isn’t too bad but the other one is pretty sad. Sigh. We do not stoop to eyebrow pencil in this case. Plus all the gingers really disappear.

      Doesn’t excuse the rest of you X-Y gene-ers, get ready for Movember, that’s NEXT MONTH!

  4. KNO3

    Aaaannnddd Muzak!

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