Some time back, I related the story of Carl hitting a stob while trail riding on his bike.

And not everyone knows what a ‘stob’ is.

I offered a written description, but I promised that I’d photograph one at some point and here it is.

Perfect example of a stob.  I missed it, went back, photographed it for you, then though that you needed some scale, so I tossed down all the money I had on me, and now you can see the size of a textbook-grade stob.

The word itself may have started as ‘stub’ of course, or maybe it even changed from ‘stump’ over a number of iterations. Online, it says,




  1. 1.
    a broken branch or a stump.”
    And it says it came from Middle English.  Hm.  So Shakespeare might have known what a ‘stob’ was.

And there may be variations around the country where the term has morphed this way or that.  Feel free to let me know what you call such a thing.

But don’t hit them on your bicycle.  You might just head face-first into a tree or something, two weeks before you were supposed to be married.stob