When I first set up this website (back in late 2010.  I can’t believe that, really.) This is the sort of thing I had in mind for the ‘dirty pictures’ pages.  Literally pictures of dirt, and people covered in it and wounds with dirt on them and stuff like that.  It’s changed, as things do.  The ‘dirty pictures’ portion of our show has become a little sillier and a little brighter.  I dig silly and bright.  I’m good with that, and I hope you are too.

But today, we take a barefoot step back to the original concept.

We got off the trail, and as the others and I were cleaning up bikes, our shoes were wet enough without hosing them down any further.  I peeled my feet bare and got this:

MistahMudlaigMan.  It takes something like this to realize the important things, doesn’t it?

I have GOT to tan my ugly feet.