Hubris- Brand Spakking New

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  1. FeelinForYa

    Hehehehe wonder how long it’ll take to get all the stragglers out of the woods.

  2. TSOJ

    Kelly: “Raye! Stop that! Or Dusty… Whoever, I WILL get my revenge!”

  3. kstormgemini

    Heh heh heh, good one. Way to turn our speculation on its head. ;1

  4. AllanVS

    Ah HA! That is me hiding in the darkness. It HAS TO be… LoL.

    • Greg Cravens

      Ah. So that’s YOUR theme music I keep hearing when I draw these things! Duhn Duh DUUUUUUHHHHHHHNNNNNN!

  5. AllanVS

    Yes. Yes, that is my music. *Evil Spine Chilling Laugh*

  6. KNO3

    Hm… I wonder if this is a trick question?

  7. FeelinForYa

    Just looked at this again, betting it’s Paste hiding out.

    • TSOJ

      Paste likes beating the competition for whatever it is they’re doing, so he’s probably at the TV station with everyone else (plus, he’d be aiming AT Kelly, or Hubris…) I think it’s funnier if it’s someone Kelly knows, like his girlfriend, his boss, or even his mother. On the other hand, Greg could try pulling off a joke that most younger readers wouldn’t get – referring to the WW II Japanese soldiers left behind on various small islands that still think the war is going on 30-40 years later (making it one of the more clueless members of Team CrisUs).

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